Dial Hope Line 145 if you need emotional help: MoH

|     Hakim Hayat     |

THOSE in need of emotional support via telephone can make use of the Hope Line 145 service launched in February this year, the Ministry of Health (MoH) said yesterday.

The hotline is aimed at providing the latest information on the mental health services available in Brunei; advice and counselling for personal, social and emotional problems; emergency services and assistance for callers; a safe space to discuss caller problems; and advisory services for people with potential suicidal tendencies.

The toll-free hotline, which is handled by trained and accredited mental health professionals from the MoH, operates daily from 8am to 11pm.

The MoH assured the public that all calls made to the Hope Line 145 are confidential and that all personal details of callers are kept confidential.

“Depending on the situation, callers might also be advised to obtain follow-up support from health professionals such as doctors or psychologists and other counselling professionals from the Community Development Department, Royal Brunei Police Force, Fire and Rescue Department, and other bodies,” the ministry said, adding that they will however respect callers’ rights to make their own choices for the next step following their call.

The MoH also stressed the importance for the public to provide the necessary support to individuals with mental health issues and to treat them with respect, especially if they have suicidal tendencies.

“Offer support to families, friends or colleagues by listening or guiding them, offer help or accompany them to see a doctor or psychologist, or encourage them to call the Hope Line 145.

“All these can make a big difference to individuals under pressure,” the ministry advised.