Dev Patel says he spends birthdays alone

DEV Patel spends his birthdays “alone”.

The Lion actor will be turning 29 in just over a month, but he said he won’t be planning a big party for the special occasion, as he usually just stays at home and celebrates by himself.

Speaking to the New York Post’s Page Six Column, he said, “I won’t do anything special to celebrate the special day. I’ll be by myself. Maybe do something nice.

Or hide altogether. I usually spend it alone.”

Dev may be too busy to celebrate his birthday, as his latest film project Hotel Mumbai – which explores the terrorist attacks at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India in 2008 – is set to be released at the end of this month.

The actor recently praised the thriller movie for “embracing” non-white actors, and said he doesn’t think it would have been made a decade ago.

He said, “A film like this, with a bunch of brown faces, would not have been made 10 years ago.

“But people are embracing new faces. Why not embrace brown ones?”

The former Skins star has Gujarti-speaking Indian parents but was born and raised in London, and embraced the city he grew up in, so he was overwhelmed

when he first went to India to work on Slumdog Millionaire with director Danny Boyle.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, “Growing up, the idea is to do as much as possible to fit into that place and rid yourself of all cultural and ancestral ties.

“Being introduced to India by Danny Boyle blew my mind. It was so much more than I imagined.” – BANG!