Deliveryman fined for dishonest act

|     Fadley Faisal      |

A DELIVERYMAN of a fast food chain was ordered by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday to settle a BND2,000 fine, or serve two months’ jail in default of payment, after he pleaded guilty to committing a dishonest act.

Marlon Jay Romero Musngi, a 31-year-old Filipino, saw a wallet on a round table at the customer’s dining hall when he arrived for work at the chain’s Sengkurong branch just before 5pm on September 4. He grabbed the wallet and put it in his sling bag and continued with work as usual.

A customer who came in to the branch earlier that day, realising that he had left his wallet behind, returned to the branch and asked the cashier for his wallet.

The cashier denied knowledge of the wallet.

The customer then went to the Sengkurong Police Station and reported his missing wallet.

The next day, the defendant looked through the stolen wallet and took 10 pieces of BND10 notes, leaving behind one BND10 note.

The following day when the defendant came to work, his manager asked him whether he had taken the wallet. The defendant admitted to the deed, saying that he spent BND60 of this money and lost BND40.

The manager then turned the defendant in to the Sengkurong Police Station.

CCTV footage obtained by the police from the branch showed the defendant taking the wallet.

Senior Magistrate Lailatul Zubaidah binti Haji Mohd Hussain handed the sentence to the defendant yesterday and ordered him to fully settle his fine immediately.