Decoding the enduring style of James Bond, the world’s favourite secret agent

Bervin Cheong

THE STAR – The new James Bond film will be released in cinemas at the end of the month. While fans of the series are naturally excited about the action, suspense and intrigue, those in the fashion industry just can’t wait to watch to get their next style inspiration.

As much as 007 is known for being an iconic secret agent, he is also very much a fashionista. The man is always dressed impeccably. From perfectly tailored suits to gorgeous watches, he is the epitome of a timelessly stylish gent.

The actors in the role – Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and more – have always fit the character. They are seen as the men to emulate when it comes to matters of style.

Think of Panama hats and Connery will probably come to mind. Or what about Craig emerging from the ocean in a pair of square-cut blue swim trunks? Only a person with James Bond status can make whatever they wear into an unforgettable trend.

The upcoming No Time To Die film has already teased us with trailers showing high-speed car chases, fiery explosions and epic shootouts. More than that, it also shows that Bond is definitely back as his ruggedly debonair self.

File photo shows British actor Daniel Craig poses on arrival for the world premiere of the new James Bond film ‘Spectre’ at the Royal Albert Hall in London. PHOTO: AFP

In a few of the scenes, 007 sports a cut lip and bruised face. Yet he is still suited up, looking as stylish as ever.

If there is one fashion accessory that Bond can’t seem to do away with, it is his watch. The different ones he has worn throughout all the films are integral to his tough, yet refined, persona.

They include big brands like Rolex and Omega, as well as the occasional Tag Heuer and Seiko.

There is always a sense of excitement among watch collectors when they spot a particular model in a James Bond film.

For No Time To Die, a new Omega campaign has been launched to reveal 007’s timepiece in action.The commercial captures a dramatic montage of clips from his latest mission and includes thrilling glimpses of returning characters, including Q and Moneypenny, along with the new “double-O” agent, Nomi.

Of course, at the heart of the excitement is the Seamaster watch. It has been a part of 007’s attire since GoldenEye in 1995. It has been said that Craig himself personally worked with Omega for the past two years to help design the new model.

Brand aside, Bond and his watch are as inseparable as ever. You can’t just talk about his outfit without drawing attention to the timepiece he has on his wrist.

As for his clothes, Bond was initially suited up by tailors the likes of Anthony Sinclair, Dimi Major, Cyril Castle and Douglas Hayward. These are all big names in the bespoke tailoring trade whose boutiques can be found on London’s famous street, Savile Row.

Then, in 1995, Italian luxury label Brioni started dressing the secret agent. American fashion designer Tom Ford only took over since the film Quantum of Solace in 2008.

Bond will be wearing Tom Ford again this year, the fourth consecutive time that Ford has dressed Craig as the iconic character.

“I could not be happier to be dressing Daniel Craig as James Bond again in the upcoming film, No Time To Die. James Bond epitomises the Tom Ford man in his elegance, style and love of luxury. It is an honour to move forward with this iconic character,” reads the designer’s statement.

No matter who tailors them though, it has always been the sleek, beautiful suits that stand out in the film scenes. A tuxedo, two-piece, three-piece or double-breasted design – you name it, Bond has worn it.

There are even the occasional collaborative collections from brands, ranging from shoes, luggage and sunglasses to ready-to-wear, released in the past to mark 007’s connection to fashion.