Death of dozens of buffaloes under investigation

Aziz Idris

A viral video along with photos of dozens of dead buffaloes at a farm in Katimahar, off Jalan Tutong sent shockwaves among the local community yesterday.

The 30-second video showed the bodies of at least 12 buffaloes lying in a pool of mud while the photo that was circulated was a screenshot from social media.

The Bulletin conducted an observation tour and found some three dozens of lifeless buffaloes yesterday. Acting Village Head of Kampong Katimahar Haji Bujang bin Abdul Ghani said an investigation was launched yesterday.

He said the 36 dead buffaloes were part of the livestock owned by five local breeders.

It was learnt that the supply of cattle was reserved for the upcoming Hari Raya Aidiladha celebrations.

Several agencies including the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism along with officers from Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) were also on site to investigate the death of the buffaloes. No official comments were provided.

Meanwhile, the carcasses were buried at a nearby location.

Dozens of buffaloes lying in a pool of mud. PHOTO: AK ZAKI KASHARAN