DCA strives to continue improving services

THE Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications would like to refer to the letter ‘Issue with budget airline during boarding’ by Concerned Air Traveller published in the Opinion page of the Borneo Bulletin on January 16.

We thank the writer for sharing his/her observation and wish to inform the writer that DCA had conducted an investigation on the incident.

We would like to share that there are general guidelines regarding the ‘carry-on’ baggage size under International Air Transport Association (IATA).

However, every airline has its own respective baggage policy and in this case, the said budget airline, has set the total permitted weight for two pieces of hand carry-on baggage not exceeding 7kg.

With regards to the incident, it was found that the passengers in question had exceeded their allowed weight for the hand carry-on baggage.

Hence, they were offered to check it in by purchasing a checked baggage allowance.

Instead of taking up the offer, the passenger opted to leave their baggage behind.

Regarding the question on the weighing scale used by airlines as raised by the writer, we wish to assure the public that all weighing scales used at the Brunei International Airport are in conformity with the regulations set by the Technical Inspection (Weights and Measures) Sub-Unit, Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry (under Weights and Measures Act 1983, Chapter 151).

All weighing scales have a validity period and they are subjected to annual calibration.

On that particular weighing scale, it was calibrated and will expire in September 2019.

To help ensure that check-in procedures remain as smooth as possible, we wish to also take this opportunity to advise passengers to check with the respective airlines on the cabin baggage and checked in baggage allowance and regulations.

DCA together with all relevant parties at the Brunei International Airport, including the airlines, will strive to continue improving services for passengers and the public.

For information, we invite the writer as well as members of the public to contact the Duty Manager, at +673 7297188, or via email address: apm.dca@civil-aviation.gov.bn.

– Mohamad Fauzi Mohamad Sidek,

Acting Director of Civil Aviation

Department of Civil Aviation

Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications