Dart provides new career alternatives, public transport solutions for Bruneians

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

THE launch of Dart Car on May 3 this year marked yet another milestone for Dart Logistics Sdn Bhd after the official launching of its taxi-booking service in May 2017.

The uptake of the company’s ride-hailing service has increased by 40 per cent in just five months after the launch, with their highest daily figure reaching 140 rides within 24 hours.

This was disclosed yesterday by co-founder of Dart Logistics Zul ‘Amali bin Dato Paduka Haji Idris during a press conference at its office at the Progresif Cellular headquarters building.

“Dart needs more drivers to help meet the increasing volume,” he said, adding that Dart was suited to those seeking to supplement their income on flexible working hours.

“There are not many jobs in Brunei where you can choose to be your own boss. The harder you work, the more you earn. It’s really suitable as a second or part-time job for most people.”

Co-founder of Dart Logistics Zul ‘Amali bin Dato Paduka Haji Idris (L) and Marketing Officer Adib Mahamud during a press conference. – LYNA MOHAMAD

He further disclosed that prior to signing up, 35 per cent of the drivers were unemployed, while 65 per cent saw it as a way to supplement their income.

A survey conducted by the company showed that most of their diligent drivers have been able to earn about BND1,500 a month.

“We believe that Dart can create more employment opportunities for locals, especially youth. We aim to boost their earnings by providing an equitable source of income for our drivers, while gaining the trust of consumers in Brunei,” he added.

Around 77 per cent of Dart users are aged between 18 and 34 years, who are eager to explore various public transport solutions.

Local residents make up 84 per cent of the users, with the remaining 16 per cent comprising travellers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

“There is vast untapped potential in this segment, and Dart aims to be a leading provider of public transport solutions for Bruneians and visitors alike,” said Zul ‘Amali. “We are solving problems of public transportation, while helping the unemployed in a safe and reliable way. We have just come out from recent meetings with authorities, mainly Ministry of Communications and Land Transport Department who are our stakeholders. They are working together with us, to make sure that everything is within the framework.”

In terms of fare pricing, Dart basically operates on discounted existing taxi tariffs ranging from 30-50 per cent, and sometimes even more.

“We intend to cut down the price, so that it is more of a commuter-friendly service and we are working to attend to this matter,” said Zul ‘Amali.

“We’ve also had discussions of collaboration with some interested regional parties, but the talks are still in the preliminary stage, and it is still too early to confirm anything yet.”