Dart contest aims to put Brunei on tourism map

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

THE Open Dart Championship was officially launched yesterday with the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali popping a balloon with a dart.

Organised as part of the Brunei December Festival 2018’s line up of events, the championship at the Youth Development Centre (PPB) in Kampong Tanah Jambu will take place until tomorrow.

The launching ceremony began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah followed by welcoming remarks by chairman of the organising committee Mohd Supian bin Haji Kamis.

Mohd Supian said aside from supporting the Brunei December Festival 2018 initiatives, the event also serves to introduce the game of darts where it has the potential to put the country on the tourism map, while at the same time strengthen ties between local dart players and those from neighbouring countries.

He also extended appreciation to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for allowing to use the PPB multi-purpose hall as the tournament venue and supporting the event, as well as the organising committee, in particular members of the Youth Transformation Community Club with support from the Brunei Darussalam Dart Association in organising the event.

The Open Dart Competition also serves to enliven the game that used to be popular with the local community, particularly among villagers during the 1980s.

Two categories are featured in the tournament, Individual and Double categories.

The organisers also accepted participation from Sabah and Sarawak to boost the spirit among local dart fans, particularly youth.

The game which saw an overall participation of about 150, proved that public interest among youth engaged in the sports field is inspiring, while through the activity it will open opportunities for visitors to deepen their knowledge on dart games and organising the event in particular. This was also an initial step by the organisers to produce dart players to meet the standards and able to represent the country at a higher level in the future.

Mohd Supian also extended appreciation to the event’s sponsors Hon Tak Trading, VSL Systems Sdn Bhd, Multi Bina Daya Contraction, Sara Trading Sdn Bhd, Asyan Angel Animal Shop, Aslaily Employment Agency and Ideal Multifeed Farm Sdn Bhd.

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali officiates the Open Dart Championship. – RAHWANI ZAHARI