Darren Criss turned his wedding into a rock show

DARREN Criss performed guitar instead of his wife Mia Swier walking down the aisle.

The Glee alum and his 33-year-old spouse tied the knot in a “magical” ceremony at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans on February 16, over a year after they got engaged, and Darren has revealed he turned their wedding into a “rock show” as he serenaded Mia and their guests, before they walked together to greet their ordainer.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Darren said, “I didn’t watch her come down the aisle.

“Everyone’s sitting down and I come from the front and I pick up a guitar and I played my family and her family down the aisle.

“When I was done, I went to the back to retrieve Mia myself and we walked up together.”

The Golden Globe winner – who starred as Blaine Anderson on Glee – admitted he doesn’t like sharing details of his private life, but their wedding was so “magical”, he wanted the whole “universe” to see the pictures.

“I’m just weird about social media and stuff [but] after I saw the photos for this wedding, I was like, I want everybody to see this. This is amazing!’ – BANG!