DARe organises entrepreneurship bootcamps

|     Hakim Hayat & Ishan Ibrahim     |

DARE’s (Darussalam Enterprise) two entrepreneurship bootcamps – the Start-up Bootcamp and the Micro Business Bootcamp yesterday kickstarted their fourth and second cycle, respectively, with new facilitator Golden Equator Consulting (GECo) – a digitally-focussed business consulting group that helps companies with market entry, growth strategy and digital transformation.

DARe in a statement said that GECo has had a successful track record in different sectors including food and beverage (F&B), finance, and healthcare.

The Startup Bootcamp which is targetted at businesses that have export potential, has successfully helped develop a total of 70 companies in its last three cycles. These companies have also managed to raise more than BND750,000 in investment and provide employment to more than 250 people.

Meanwhile the Micro Business Bootcamp targetted at youth (18 – 40 years) has helped develop 10 companies and provide additional employment to more than 30 people in its first cycle.

Manager at DARe Pengiran Zainul Asri bin Pengiran Abdul Razak shared that participants of the Startup Bootcamp or the Micro Business Bootcamp are automatically enroled to become part of Brunei Darussalam’s start-up ecosystem. “With over two cohorts, former bootcampers come together to support each other at every part of their entrepreneurship journey. We’ve seen a lot of interesting companies in both bootcamps from Islamic teaching platforms, Smart farming, different social entrepreneurship companies, e-commerce platforms, and of course F&B companies,” he said.

One of the bootcamps in progress. – DARE

Managing Partner for GECo Adam Flinter, and one of the trainers for the bootcamps, said that the programmes in the bootcamps are designed to help the participants rethink and sharpen their ideas or businesses, while also aiding their skill sets in establishing scalable and sustainable businesses. “With our comprehensive Golden Equator ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, consultants, specialists, some of whom would also be trainers in these bootcamps, we are looking forward to working with the innovative and entrepreneurial minds of Brunei,”

The Start-up Bootcamp will conclude in January 2019 with a pitching session. The top three start-ups in this cycle will be selected to attend a Demo Day in Singapore where they will pitch to a panel of investors, magnifying the opportunity to expand on their businesses even further.