DARe elevates 18 local MSMEs

Lyna Mohamad

Elevate, a structured cohort-based programme under DARe (Darussalam Enterprise) to nurture, facilitate and drive meaningful micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), was launched at the Design and Technology Building in Anggerek Desa, yesterday.

The launch of this new initiative witnessed a networking session for 18 businesses related to food and beverage, which was attended by DARe CEO Javed Ahmad and other representatives from DARe.

The DARe CEO said with COVID-19 changing the landscape for businesses, Elevate Programme is even more relevant than ever.

“I hope this programme will give you that boost and guidance that your business needs and be able to add value, innovation and collaboration into your products and services,” he added.

The event proceeded with a presentation led by DARe Senior Manager Nurul Ain binti Haji Jaafar as well as introductions by two consulting companies.

The two consulting companies, Consulus Pte Ltd and UCSI Consulting Group, will conduct a comprehensive business review of each participating company as the first phase of the programme, and develop individual strategic roadmaps for them.

DARe CEO Javed Ahmad delivering a speech. PHOTO: DARE

Consulus is a consulting firm based in Singapore, specialising in transforming companies through customised methodology, while UCSI is a consulting firm based in Malaysia, which specialises in Blue Ocean Strategy and innovation.

Consulus Consultant Lawrence noted that Consulus is proud to partner with DARe to groom a champion class of promising Bruneian enterprises that can shape the world.

He added, “In a COVID-19 age, it is time to nurture purpose-driven companies that know how to deliver innovation with a heart; and with their presence in 16 countries and a global multi-disciplinary team from finance to design strategy, Consulus hopes to contribute to this programme in the best possible way.”

UCSI Consultant Dr Raj Kumar meanwhile expressed, “As the world is going through a reset, this is a pivotal time to reimagine and reinvent business towards creating Blue Oceans.”

Elevate provides customised assistance where selected participants will develop tailored strategic roadmaps, provided with various business coaching sessions and mentorships, networking, funding advice and solutions, as well as access to other development programmes.

The programme aims to grow promising MSMEs to be more sustainable and resilient, capable of international expansion and collaboration, and contributing significantly to Brunei’s industrial development.

Elevate was first advertised on DARe’s social media channels on December 26, 2019, to identify food and beverage companies with the potential to scale and grow in both local and international markets.

The programme will look into other industries such as fashion and retail, and information and communications technology (ICT) services in the future.