Danish aviation industry players propose climate fund for green travel research

COPENHAGEN (Xinhua) – Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), together with key players in the Danish aviation industry, proposed yesterday to launch a climate fund for research into sustainable transport and carbon-neutral air travel.

The climate fund will annually generateUSD37 million to 44 million collected from tickets on flights departing from Danish airports, according to a press release by SAS, a leading carrier in the Scandinavian region.

The specific model and price increase amount have not been agreed on yet. However, SAS believes an increase of USD3-5 dollars per ticket will be sufficient.

“We believe that this is a price that consumers are willing to pay to contribute to the green transition,” said Executive Vice President of SAS Simon Pauck Hansen.

The proposal, which aims at an agreement to lower carbon emissions in the industry, has been sent to the Danish Transport Ministry and the Climate Ministry.

A Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) airplane is seen after landing at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden. PHOTO: XINHUA