Czech league fines club for fans’ racist abuse of player

PRAGUE (AP) – The Czech football league on Thursday fined a club CZK120,000 (USD5,050) after its fans racially abused an opposing player during a game.

The incident occurred on Sunday during the game between Olomouc and Plzen when several fans directed racist insults at Plzen striker Jean-David Beauguel of France, who is black.

Plzen won the game 1-0.

“The racist expressions by fans cannot be tolerated at the stadiums and such behaviour is absolutely unacceptable,” said Richard Bacek, head of league’s disciplinary committee.

The league said Olomouc would face stricter punishment if a similar incident happens again, but said the club did well in escorting the fans from the stadium and banning them from attending games in the future. Olomouc also has been cooperating with police in their investigation of the incident, the committee said.