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Cyprus scraps virus tests for most travellers

NICOSIA, CYPRUS (AP) – Cyprus authorities yesterday made travelling to the east Mediterranean island nation easier as the summer tourist season kicks into gear by rescinding the need to undergo any COVID-19 tests prior to boarding a flight or on arrival.

According to the new regulations, only unvaccinated people who haven’t contracted and recovered from the coronavirus must undergo a PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding or a rapid test 24 hours before departure.

Cyprus-bound passengers are no longer required to fill in a form – also known as a Cyprus Flight Pass – providing information that enables authorities to trace them if they do test positive for COVID-19 during their stay.

Vaccinated and recovered passengers will need a valid European Union (EU) health certificate.

Health certificates from third countries are accepted if they’ve joined the EU’s COVID certificate system.

Adults are considered vaccinated for nine months after receiving their second dose or have received a third booster shot. Individuals are designated as recently recovered from COVID-19 seven days after testing positive and for six months thereafter.

Tourism directly accounts for 13 per cent of the island nation’s economy.