Cybergames tournament was organised fairly

With reference to the letter ‘Organisers should not participate in own event’ by Kris K, published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on September 28, the organisers of Technology Expo thank the writer for expressing their concern.

In light of this issue, we would like to clarify that the event organiser for the Technology Expo and Cybergames Tournament did not have any participating teams during the event.

However, the Cybergames Event Manager did have their team participate in the tournament.

Nonetheless, the Cybergames Event Manager did not have any authority or whatsoever, any decision to manipulate the results nor was there any foul play made in the tournament schedule.

The schedule for the Play Off’s was randomly selected which was also done through an online platform live video.

Therefore nothing about the event was “biased” as the tournament was organised fairly and the end results was down to the skills of each player.

In addition to that, the allegations that registration money being added to the prize pool is false.

The Cybergames Tournament was brought to you by DST which is the Cybergames Title Sponsor and TelBru the Platinum Sponsor, in which they generously contributed to make the tournament possible.

Our main objective was to create a platform for all Bruneian gamers to compete and get the best possible teams while ensuring and providing the best gaming experience.

Subsequently, this also serves as an opportunity to provide numerous players of any calibre to showcase their skills to their opponents, as well as forging new alliances with other players to create the next force to be reckoned with in future events.

Doing any malicious activity brings no benefit to the organisers as it would also jeopardise our main goal and objective of the event. On the other hand, the event organisers would however like to express gratitude to all those who were part of the recent Technology Expo and the Cybergames Tournament, especially for the contribution and trust from the exhibitors, event sponsors and event partners.

We do hope to also receive more support in the near future to provide the best experience for everyone.

D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd

Event Organiser of the TechXpo Cybergames Tournament 2019