Customers treated to BND500 worth of shopping

Six customers were treated to a shopping spree worth BND500 from Bebeland and Mothercare Brunei at their branches in Delima on Sunday.

The winners from Bebeland were Kok Zi Ling, Diana anak Layang, Mohamad Safwan bin Haji Zainolarifin, while Mothercare Brunei winners were Jazline Rose binti Dolamit, Mohamad Hasbulhadi bin Haji Bolhasan and Aisah binti Haji Sulaiman.

Baiduri Bank’s Card Marketing Officer Fung Hui Na was also present.

The shopping spree event was organised in conjunction with the annual Brunei Salebration for customers of any branches of Bebeland and Mothercare to get a chance of qualifying for the shopping spree.

Photos show Mothercare (above) and Bebeland customers. PHOTOS: MOTHERCARE BRUNEI