Customer leaves USD2,020 tip at Florida restaurant

UPI – A Florida restaurant said a “generous customer” whose bill totalled about USD29 surprised staff by leaving a USD2,020 tip.

South Shore Pizza in Ruskin said in a Facebook post that a customer left the USD2,020 tip and requested that the money be split among all of the shop’s employees.

Manager Robert Godfrey said each employee received about USD80 from the big tip.

The customer said the tip was part of the #2020TipChallenge, an online initiative that started earlier in the year to encourage people to be generous toward those in the service industry.

“Knowing everything that’s gone on with the pandemic, it really was a good feeling that there’s still some good in the world that they would go out of their way (to) choose our establishment to do the challenge,” Godfrey told WFTS-TV.