Custom-made vehicles for businesses

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

GHK Motors Sdn Bhd yesterday announced the launch of its new Daihatsu Gran Max lineup of vehicles for the light commercial segment.

“Our move from just offering Gran Max passenger vehicles to now providing vehicles to cater to the multipurpose segment is part of an initiative in support of the (government’s) call to help in the development of local start-ups, small and medium entreprises and local young entrepreneurs in Brunei,” GHK Motors Director Jake Goh said.

Goh, speaking to the local media in a launch event, added that the ‘Designed for Your Business’ vehicles, which include ‘Box’ and pickup truck units, can be customised based on business needs and turned into food, catering or delivery trucks, among others.

“We will assist our customers with the design that fits their budget and business activities or requirements, especially those who are doing their start-ups in the food industry and so forth,” said Goh.

Customisation of the vehicles is done by GHK Auto Assembly Sdn Bhd, a sister company of the GHK Group of Companies, set up in March 2000 to meet the demand for commercial vehicles locally.

The subsidiary, also well-known for manufacturing buses, can also assist customers to apply for the Gran Max vehicle permits from the Land Transport Department.

An ideal combination of performance, comfort and safety, the all-new Daihatsu Gran Max is a multipurpose vehicle for all types of businesses, and is a popular commercial vehicle in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

The vehicle is popularly used by small business owners and entrepreneurs as a mobile boutique, mobile café, or as a hydraulic tipper capable of transporting sand, gravel, and other construction raw materials.

The Gran Max is custom-made to build businesses, making it the perfect commercial vehicle for Brunei, where there is a recent mushrooming of local start-ups, SMEs and young entrepreneurs.

Jake Goh briefs the media. – LYNA MOHAMAD