Cultural immersion as Brunei, Singapore students meet

|     Achong Tanjong     |

A GROUP of 20 students and three teachers from Temasek Secondary School in Singapore visited Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Mariam Secondary School (SMPIHM), Serasa yesterday in conjunction with Brunei Cultural Immersion Programme 2018.

In welcoming the delegation, Cikgu Omar Arif bin Abdullah Lasit, the Principal of SMPIHM, in his welcoming speech said the visit will further establish the friendship between Bruneians and Singaporeans, and that both have the strongest tie as neighbouring countries.

He said that throughout the programme, he hoped that the two countries can together showcase their respective rich cultural and background, heritage and customs that have been practised for so many years.

“I believe both our schools will be able to increase our understanding towards and respect for both Bruneian and Singaporean culture, as well as broadening our global awareness of how we work, live and play, in which this is one of the programme’s main objectives,” he said.

“We at SMPIHM build up the culture of caring toward each other as well as with the school community. We always believe that we are one big family. This will become our school key to move forward to be the most caring school toward developing Brunei’s future generation – to be a good and valuable citizen with the practise of Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) concept.”

Cikgu Omar Arif also thanked the Department of Schools at the Ministry of Education through its Extra-Curricular Activities Unit for their support in making the event possible in hosting the delegation from Singapore’s Temasek Secondary School and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Temasek Secondary School for choosing to visit SMPIHM.

During the visit, the delegation from Singapore led by their teachers Cikgu Nurul Huda, Cikgu Asnia binti Adas and Cikgu Amal Jacintha also had the opportunity to learn the history of SMPIHM. They also witnessed cultural exhibitions and activities held at the school’s multi- purpose hall.

The Temasek Secondary School students were divided into four groups for the school tour, where they visited the school reading room, surau and library, and also watched a short video and slide show.

Teachers and students from Temasek Secondary School of Singapore at the event. – ACHONG TANJONG