Cultivating a love for reading through Happy Meals

Rokiah Mahmud

McDonald’s Brunei is offering a selection of books in the Happy Meal as part of its mission in serving the community to help cultivate a passion in reading, creating family moments while at the same time engaging in fun and cheerful reading session. The Happy Meal’s book is available in Malay and English languages.

For this year’s series, children can join the adventure of Zaki’s family who invented a time machine allowing them to travel under water; their adventure travelling on snow and ice; exploring the forest and desert. With the time machine, it allows them to learn about interesting animals that lived in the past and future.

Eleven series are launched every month. The books can be purchased at all McDonald’s Brunei counters.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Brunei also hosted an ATV Adventure for members of the media as a show of appreciation in Kampong Sibut, Jalan Batang Duri, Temburong recently.

A group of 10 media members along with McDonald’s staff participated.

The delegation welcomed by Managing Director of Al-Hijrah Haji Shamsul bin Haji Abdul Rahman as tour operator for the day, were briefed on safety and precautions.

The journey involved 6.5-kilometre crossing rivers, gravel road and climbing the hills.

The activity was also held to foster closer ties with members of the media.

ABOVE & BELOW: The selection of books with the Happy Meals; and members of the media in a group photo. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR & MCDONALD’S BRUNEI