Cueists vie for top honours at Sarawak invitational

|     Achong Tanjong     |

TOP cueists in Borneo including Brunei ace Randy Wong will compete in the Borneo Invitational Snooker Friendly Tournament in May 2019.

Organised by Swan City Recreational Club Sibu (SCRCS), the friendly tournament aims to promote snooker in Sarawak.

SCRCS Chairman Mark Yeo said they are eyeing all top players in Borneo including elite players from Sabah and all the best players from Sarawak including Rolando Lim, James Giam, Ricardo Sim and Tan Chin Yong from Kuching, Ng Hong Man from Sibu, Elvis Wong from Sarikei and Jeremy Ku from Miri.

The Borneo Invitational was mooted several years ago but has not taken place so far due to lack of funds.

“We aim to get more sponsorship for the tournament so that we will be able to come up with a bigger prize money, hence the possibility to attract a bigger pool of elite players coming here to vie for the title,” he said in a news report.

SCRCS, which takes over the duty of Sibu Division Billiards and Snooker Association (SDBSA), was registered early this year.

Since then, its members, spearheaded by Yeo and Secretary Danny Wong, have been working round-the-clock to develop the sport.

“We regard it as our duty to organise tournaments for, if we did not do, then nobody else will do and eventually, interests in the sport will wane.”

Besides the Borneo Invitational, the 5th leg of the Swan City Cup Snooker Championship on January 6 will be SCRCS’ first tournament this year.