Crocodile surprises Seria tenants

James Kon

Residents at a house in Jalan Badas, Seria were shocked when they found a two-metre long crocodile inside a toilet in their house yesterday.

Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) personnel were alerted to remove the reptile from the house at 10.22am.

Three firefighters and a fire engine from the Seria Fire Station were deployed led by ABKS 619 Haji Hussin bin Haji Ahmad. They captured the crocodile with a snare catcher and handed it over to the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

The house is owned by a permanent resident and no one was injured.

The Fire and Rescue Department advised the public to make sure that the surrounding of their houses are clean and drainages are not blocked by overgrown grass. Windows and doors must be properly shut to prevent wild animals or reptiles from entering.

In any case of an emergency situation, the public can call the FRD hotline 995.

The crocodile in the toilet. PHOTO: FRD