Crocodile shock at Labuan beach

LABUAN (Bernama) – The rare sighting of a saltwater crocodile at Pantai Mawilla yesterday has come as a shock for visitors of the beach popular with picnickers.

The 1.8-metre-long estuarine crocodile, as it is also known as, was spotted on the beach at about 7am but it was killed by some anglers who feared they or their children may be attacked by the reptile.

Officers of the Labuan Department of Wildlife & National Parks who went to the location found that the animal had been buried in the sand.

“We rushed here after reading about the crocodile on a viral WhatsApp message and dug up the carcass to conduct forensic tests and dispose of it properly,” one of the officers told Bernama.

The officer said the department would put up signs at the beaches in the area, such as Sawangan Cina and Membedai, to warn beachgoers of the habitat of the crocodiles there.

He said the crocodile might have been sunning itself on the beach when it was spotted.