Crocodile found in Jerudong Park area

Izah Azahari

A two-metre long crocodile was found by the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) in the Jerudong Park Playground vicinity yesterday.

Seven personnel and two fire engines led by Acting DSO Saini bin Gapor from the Jerudong Fire Station were deployed following an alert for animal disturbance.

The FRD captured the animal using a special rope and ‘snare catcher’. The crocodile was handed over to the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

The FRD advises members of the public to always ensure cleanliness of house premises and ensure that drains are dry and free of weeds. The public is also advised to make sure that doors and windows are kept shut when residents are not in the house to avoid animals from entering.

The public can contact the FRD Hotline at 995 for any emergency.

The crocodile at the Jerudong Park Playground vicinity. PHOTO: FRD