Creativity needed to make remote learning fun

This is in response to Stressed Out Dad’s letter, ‘Remote learning putting stress on working parents’, which was published in the Bulletin on September 11.

I agree that remote learning should not put unnecessary stress on parents and it should have a positive impact on children.

This pandemic has created many issues for schools regarding teaching and learning. However, it also provides an opportunity for teachers to be creative by providing a balance between online work and real-life learning opportunities.

Schools could place a focus on creating learning tasks that provide more ‘real life’ learning opportunities that children can complete at home, instead of huge amounts of time spent only online.

Learning in a fun and motivated way that involves camera or phone shots of real-life task completion, creative videos or hand documented daily diary entries.

Research shows that children are motivated and learn best when it involves meaningful, hands on, ‘real-life’ learning experiences, and at the same time, supports development of the curriculum, includes 21st Century skills and digital technology. Opportunities for literacy and numeracy skill development are all around us, both inside and outside of the house, such as reading and creating recipe instructions, and measuring perimeters and areas in the garden.

Parents will then have more quality time to allocate and support children with reading and comprehension skill development from study packs provided by the school.

Retired Teacher