Creative writing workshop lifts up folklore and novelettes

Lyna Mohamad

A Malay creative writing workshop touching on writing folklore and novelettes began yesterday at the Language and Literature Bureau.

The workshop, scheduled for three days was launched by the Acting Director of the Language and Literature Bureau Suip bin Haji Abdul Wahab.

In his opening remarks, the acting director said that folklore and novelette story writing are two writing genres that provide an important role in the development of Malay correspondences in the country.

He also said that more creative works that add to the pool of reading material will help in the elevation of the language.

He said that the DBP will continue to provide a platform and opportunity for both existing and new writers to sharpen their writing skills. He said that the workshop serves as an incentive for participants and local writers to submit pieces in the Menulis Folklor Tujuh Puak and Sayembara Penulisan Novelet competitions which is open for submissions until June 30.

Workshop participants can have their work submitted into the competition at the end of the workshop, he said.

The workshop is divided into two  segments namely, Folklore Story Writing II and  Novelette Writing.

Participants include officers and staff from departments under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, higher learning institutions, colleges and individuals who are active in
local literature. Facilitating the workshop are Dr Ampuan Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Awang Tengah and Dr Maslin bin Jukin.