Cost of getting driver’s licence too high

MY SON turned 18 recently and I enrolled him at a driving school in order to obtain a driving licence.

I was surprised by the charges that the school imposed.

In total, I had to pay around BND500+.

Back in my time, the charges were only BND300+ and I believe during my father’s time it was even less.

I understand that the cost nowadays are not the same as before, but may I ask what are the factors that has contributed to the increase?

Fuel here is heavily subsidised, it is easier to own a car and there is financing to help.

Car parts and maintenance are also reasonable priced regionally.

Can the authorities assist to explain and justify the cost?

Are the price controlled by the authority or it is up to each driving school to price accordingly?

One ridiculous cost imposed by the school is the cost to borrow the instructor’s car to be used by my son for the driving test.

It is a common practice to use the instructor’s car for the test as we have no other choice but why the high fees?

We in Brunei heavily rely on private cars to commute daily.

It is not a luxury to have a driving licence but a necessity.

Personally, I think it seems that certain sides are taking advantages of this factor.

To the authorities please re-evaluate the fees as it is a heavy financial burden.

On another note, when are we allowed to use of automatic transmission car for a driving test?

Nowadays most drivers use auto rather than manual. For years, other countries have already given options to use either auto or manual for the test. Perhaps it is time for Brunei to follow suit.

– BSB concern