Control your anger, Imams say

Azlan Othman

Religious authorities have called on Muslims to control their emotions and not to give in to quick anger.

“Our actions must be controlled, to prevent undesirable circumstances,” said Imams in yesterday’s Friday sermon.

“We are not spared from being tested by Allah the Almighty, through means of ease and hardship. As Muslims, we should exercise patience and control our anger. Getting angry is contemptible and improper.

“There are several practices for controlling anger, including supplication and the recitation of Zikir (remembrance of Allah the Almighty). It is natural for people to get angry, but we need to control our temper to avoid damaging our own reputation.

“We must remember that we are living within a community, within a family unit and within a nation. These ties must be strengthened, in order for us to live harmoniously. Let us pray, to gain blessings from Allah the Almighty.”