Consideration for entry of foreign workers for domestic services allowed

James Kon

Consideration for the entry of foreign workers for domestic services such as domestic helpers and private drivers has been allowed according to established categories from yesterday, the Ministry of Home Affairs stated.

The consideration is allowed for foreign workers in domestic services who still have valid re-entry visa or work passes and are willing to work with the original employer. Valid (or renewed) labour licence must be presented with the entry travel pass application of the employee, the ministry stated in a release yesterday.

Domestic foreign workers replacing previous workers who have returned to their country, must have a valid job order provided by the Labour Department and presented with the employee’s entry travel pass application.

The ministry, through the Labour Department, will consider the application of new domestic foreign workers on a case-by-case basis.

An applicant granted permission will still need a negative COVID-19 swab test (RT-PCR) report. The test must be done within 72 hours before arriving in Brunei Darussalam.

Foreign workers are also required to take a second COVID-19 swab test and undergo mandatory self-isolation upon arrival in the country, in line with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.

Employers are required to make a reservation for accommodation at designated hotels for mandatory self-isolation.

The hotel rates cover the cost for accommodation, meals, transportation from airport to the hotel and transportation from the hotel to COVID-19 swab test sites.

The cost for the swab tests and accommodation for self-isolation must be borne by the guarantor or employer.

The application for entry travel pass must be submitted through

For inquiries, contact the Labour Department at 2301848 or check on or contact Immigration and National Registration Department at 2383106 or check website at