Consider increasing pension entitlements

THE government should consider increasing the monthly pension entitlements for senior citizens from B$250to B$500.

This is because pensioners have increasing burdens. I was informed 27,000 people claim pensions monthly, and even with the current soft economic climate the increase won’t be enormous.

This will also enforce our status of having a caring monarchy and government.

Many senior citizens have to pay for their basic necessities, mobile phone bills, sometimes even bus fares to mosques to perform prayers, petrol and vehicle maintenance.

It is very common to see senior citizens treat their grandchildren at local restaurants on receipt ofthe monthly pensions. This is a very lovely and endearing Brunei tradition to observe each month.

Of late, they also have to use some of their pension money to support the food bills and school fees in the households because some of their children and grandchildren are unemployed.

Based on this, the increase will be worthwhile, gratefully received and welcome by the affected households.

– CL