Conflicting information is not helpful

My sister and I are planning to return to the United Kingdom (UK) for studies. For my sister, it’s the final year of her undergraduate programme, whereas I’ll be starting my Master’s course.

Sadly, though, we have been receiving conflicting information regarding flights to London.
Our initial plan was to fly on August 31, allowing us to complete the mandatory two-week quarantine before my enrolment and orientation at the new university.

We were, however, advised by the authorities to change our expected travel date to August 20.

But we were told later that the only flight departing from Brunei for London was scheduled for August 13.

Since there was no specific information provided for students returning or starting their studies in the UK, we again sought advice. We were then told that the flight had been scheduled for August 12.

As I’m starting a new course, I need to reapply for a student visa, a process that takes 15-20 days.

Had we been provided clear and concise information, my scheduling could have been better managed.

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) recently informed me that the only flight departing for London was scheduled for August 10.

I understand that the government needs to manage the health risks; I’m trying my best to cooperate and work within bounds. But this improper management of information is causing quite a bit of a hassle.

Since there is only one flight from Brunei to London in August, may I suggest the schedule be moved to the end of the month, given that most classes at British universities start in the second half of September?

Prospective Student