Conference closes with big debate

The 17th International School Brunei Borneo Global Issues Conference (ISB BGIC) concluded yesterday with a big debate across two forums on eight resolutions that were passed during the committee sessions at ISB over the past two days.

The forums saw four resolutions that came from the committees of Human Rights, Environment, Political and Economic-Social, ranging on the pandemic, education, minority groups, equality in the workplace, income disparity as well as international disparity.

The resolutions that have been passed with a majority vote in the general assembly represent the voice of over 300 youth of Brunei and will be shared with the wider community for further discussions and action where possible.

The conference ended with a closing ceremony led by student leaders at Plenary Hall, International Convention Centre (ICC). Participants were presented with certificates. Delegates also received special awards.

ISB BGIC coordinator Jane Snell said, “We have been impressed by every delegate who has risen to individual challenges and played an equal part in creating an outstanding student-led conference. They successfully created a formal but fun atmosphere. Secretaries-general facilitated the debates, whereas chairs continued to support their delegates, and floor secretaries ensured the smooth running of the forums. We are very proud of all the students involved.”

ISB BGIC secretaries-general Wei Han Ko and Abdul Lathif bin Abdul Aziz facilitate the general assembly debate

Meanwhile, ISB Executive Principal Laura Thomas said, “The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) is our conference partner and we have enjoyed sharing the ISB BGIC experience with visiting officers from the ministry, some of whom are ISB BGIC alumni. We are grateful to them for agreeing to be interviewed by the ISB BGIC student media team.”

ISB BGIC Secretaries-General Wei Han Ko and Ministry of Eduction Scholarship student Abdul Lathif bin Abdul Aziz, shared their sentiments about the conference: “As secretaries-general, we are honoured to be leading a conference that provokes a conversation about, and raises awareness of, inequalities that all delegates have faced or may face in all aspects of their lives.

“Despite the global COVID-19 situation, we are grateful to be able to have a face-to-face conference when so many other countries would be unable to even consider such an interaction. Our hope is that the post-Covid recovery process will inspire countries to consider innovative ways to work to further reduce inequalities which have arisen during the pandemic.

“The ISB BGIC journey has been intense and tiring but we feel incredibly satisfied knowing that all delegates will walk out more globally-minded, more confident, and much more passionate about creating a more equal world.”