Complaints over soon-to-expire products

Azlan Othman

A customer was up in arms over products sold during a recent fair, alleging the products were nearing its expiry date.

“I bought the products during the fair. I was shocked to find out after two days that the expiry date of one product is March 16 and the two other bottles on April 14.

“It means the expiry dates are within three months during the buy two get one free offer with the expiry date of the two free packages of gifts January 29.

“Sellers did not highlight the soon to expire date during the promotion period.

“I feel disappointed of becoming a dumping place for the seller to dispose their soon-to-be expired products,” he said on condition of anonymity. “I admit it was also my mistake for not checking the expiry date before purchasing. There is no way I can finish the soon to expire items in two to three months. It may end up in the bin.”

Nearing expiry date products