Company fined for abandoning vehicle in Menglait

|     James Kon     |

A LOCAL company was yesterday fined BND800 for violating the Minor Offences Act, Chapter 30, Section 12 (1) (f) (i).

According to a statement released by the Law Enforcement Unit of the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department, Sing Yin Huat Auto Parts and Service was ordered by the Magistrate’s Court to pay a BND800 fine for failing to settle a BND500 fine in violation of Chapter 30, Section 12 (1) (f) (i) of the Minor Offences Act on December 3, 2018.

The company was found to have left an old, broken-down vehicle along a road in the Menglait area without approval on December 3, 2018 by Law Enforcement Unit enforcement officers.

Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati binti Haji Abdul Hamid presided over the case, while DPP Nurjauinah binti Haji Kula is prosecuting it.

Any individual or company found guilty of offences under Chapter 30, Section 12 of the Minor Offences Act will be handed a compound fine not exceeding BND500.

Parties who fail to settle this initial fine will have their case forwarded to the courts, and a further BND1,000 fine will be levied against them for the first offence.

A BND3,000 fine and jail term not exceeding three months will be handed down for subsequent offences.