Companies, individual hit with fines

James Kon

Three companies and an individual were issued compound fines for offences under Section 12(1)(a), Minor Offences Act Chapter 30, during routine monitoring by the Law Enforcement Division of the Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Municipal Board at Menglait, Batu Satu, Gadong and Batu Bersurat areas yesterday.

Two companies were fined BND500 for clogging a drain by dumping waste, resulting in the emission of foul odour in the area, while the other company was fined BND200 for improper disposal of waste in public areas.

Meanwhile, an individual was fine BND100 for littering a public area.

The offenders are required to settle their fines within seven days or risk a further BND1,000 fine or a month’s imprisonment for the first convicted offence. Subsequent offences may lead to a fine of BND3,000 and up to three months’ jail term.

The public is reminded not to throw rubbish in public areas. Any complaints can be directed to the Darussalam hotline 123 or email to [email protected] or via WhatsApp at +6738333123.

Waste being dumped in public areas. PHOTOS: BSB MUNICIPAL BOARD
Commercial waste fluids flow into the drainage emitting a foul smell