Companies fined for improper waste disposal

|    Daniel Lim    |

THE Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe), Ministry of Development recently issued two compound fines to two companies yesterday.

Sahid Sdn Bhd received a compound fine of over BND500 for disposing of trash and parking a broken vehicle at Anduki, breaching Chapter 30, Section 12(1)(d), of the Minor Offences Act.

Meanwhile, Thomas & Wong General Contractor was discovered to have irresponsibly disposed trash and potentially poisonous liquids at Kuala Balai. The company received a compound fine of over BND1,000 for violating the Chapter 30, Section 12(1)(c) and Section 12(1)(e) of the Minor Offences Act.

Both companies were given seven days to settle their compound fines. Failure to comply will result in being brought to court. If convicted, the accused will receive a BND1,000 fine or a month’s imprisonment for the first offence.

For subsequent offences, a penalty of BND3,000 fine or will be levied imprisonment of not more than three months.

JASTRe reminded the public as well as business owners on the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of their environment.

Disposed waste at a public area of Kuala Balai. – JASTRe