Companies fined for improper waste disposal

|     James Kon     |

THE Law enforcement unit of Tutong District Office issued a compound fine of BND300 to Syarikat Al-Iman Co and Fayze Department Store on Tuesday for the violation of Section 12 (1) Minor Offences Act Chapter 30 for disposing construction waste in a public area.

The companies were given seven days to settle the fine, failing which the matter will be referred to court and if found guilty, a BND1,000 fine or a month’s imprisonment will be imposed for the first convicted offence.

For a subsequent offence, the punishment will be a BND3,000 fine or imprisonment of not more than three months.

The Law Enforcement Unit of Tutong District Office reminded the public to comply with regulations under the Minor Offences Act.

ABOVE & BELOW: Improper disposal of waste in public areas. – PHOTOS: TUTONG DISTRICT OFFICE