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Comfortable and effortlessly chic

THE STAR – You might have seen the term “coastal grandmother” pop up on your TikTok and Instagram feeds without really understanding what it was all about.

This fashion trend – a kind of effortlessly chic but comfortable style, reminiscent of Serena Van Der Woodsen’s (from television series Gossip Girl) grandmother vacationing in the Hamptons – now has millions of followers around the world… even among younger generations.

Nobody puts grandma in a corner!

Not content with being the source of the most popular beauty tips since the pandemic, nor even with bringing fashion trends and hobbies once considered outdated back in vogue, grandmothers are now proving to be veritable influencers in the world of ready-to-wear fashion.

The trending aesthetic, the “coastal grandmother”, went viral on social networks.

The look reflects a clothing style worthy of the greatest romantic comedies, focussing on a minimalist and comfortable chic style that’s simplicity (and wealth) personified.

Imagine yourself in the Hamptons (a popular destination for affluent New York City residents), at the bottom of a meticulously kempt garden and – it goes without saying – an extensive vegetable patch, far from the hustle and bustle of the most touristy beaches of California and the rest of the world.

How would you dress in such a setting? Forget garish colours, synthetic materials, and other overly eccentric details.

Here, the wardrobe strives to be chic, simple and comfortable, all without failing to signal the wearer’s social status.

The “coastal grandmother” look shows that you are not the kind of slovenly person who sleeps in late or goes to bed at an unreasonable hour, quite the contrary.

Exercise is essential, even on vacation, as is the decoration of this sublime house that only fills with life in the sunnier season, not to mention the kind of healthy lifestyle that’s key to who you are.

Popularised by user Lex Nicoleta on social networks, the trend has been rising steadily, bringing to the forefront a material synonymous with comfort, sustainability and keeping cool: linen.

This natural, plant-based material, which made a comeback during the pandemic in response to environmental issues, is the ideal material in the eyes of the celebrated vacationing elder.

So get ready for a chic, simple and comfortable day.