College launches new Master’s programme

Azlan Othman

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) will launch its Master’s Degree Programme, awarded by the University of Chester (UoC) In February, making the college the first private institution to offer such high-level education. The programme will introduce MSc in International Finance, MSc in Management and MSc in Advanced Computer Science.

LCB aims to provide local students the opportunity to obtain a United Kingdom (UK)-based Master’s qualification despite the current travel restrictions due to the global pandemic. The course duration is one-year and LCB’s Chester courses are available in full-time, for both day and evening class study mode.

LCB is offering incentives to students wishing to enrol in the Master’s programme.

University of Chester graduates are entitled 15 per cent off while LCB Alumni and University Partner graduates are offered 10 per cent off upon registering for the Master’s courses.

LCB introduced full-fledged degree courses in the country, awarded by UoC, UK in 2015.

The degree courses at LCB include Computer Science, Accounting and Finance, Business Management and Marketing. In February 2020, LCB added four more undergraduate degree courses by UoC.

Degree courses in Events Management, as well as International Tourism Management were also introduced. The college also expanded the range of computing degree options by introducing Applied Computing and Software Engineering.