Close to 9,000 animals from over 800 species in Budapest Zoo: Census

BUDAPEST (Xinhua) – According to the ‘census’ held at the beginning of the New Year, the Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden of Budapest is home to 8,807 animals from 856 different species, said a statement published last Friday by the zoo.

“The result of the census shows that the Budapest Zoo is representing one of the most diverse animal collections in Europe,” according to the Zoo. “The census revealed 1,312 mammals of 131 species, 1,225 birds of 152 species, 831 reptiles of 125 species, 321 amphibians of 32 species, and 4,340 fish of 204 species in the Zoo,” the results showed.

The statement added, “The census also showed 646 specimens of the invertebrates, of 206 different species. However, in the case of insects, there was no point in having an individual record, so these animals were listed in the inventory per insect cultures.”

The entire animal collection also includes the Pet Garden of the Margit Island, a large green park in the middle of the Danube, managed by the Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden, where 132 animals of 25 species are represented.

ABOVE & BELOW: A gorilla and its baby, a leopard and a chameleon are seen at the Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden of Budapest, Hungary. – PHOTOS: XINHUA