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Classic romances reimagined

ANN/THE KOREA HERALD – The popular Korean drama “Sky Castle” is set for a Japanese remake, signalling a trend of transcultural adaptation in entertainment. 

JTBC’s acclaimed series, which captivated audiences with its portrayal of ambitious mothers navigating the competitive landscape of elite university admissions for their children, will now be recreated by TV Asahi Corp, one of Japan’s largest broadcasters.

In the Korean original, the storyline revolves around determined women resorting to extreme measures to secure their children’s enrollment in prestigious universities. However, for the Japanese adaptation overseen by SLL, the focus shifts to the intense challenges surrounding admission to elite high schools, a reflection of Japan’s rigorous educational system.

Matsushita Nao, renowned for her role in the popular Japanese series “Get Ready!”, steps into the lead role previously held by Yum Jung-ah in the Korean version. 

Yum portrayed Han Seo-jin, a formidable mother driven to secure her daughter’s place at a top university. 

Meanwhile, Koyuki Matsuyama, known globally for her role alongside Tom Cruise in “The Last Samurai” (2003), assumes the role of an admissions consultant originally played by Kim Seo-hyung.

The upcoming series, marking the first collaboration between SLL and TV Asahi following a recent memorandum of understanding, is scheduled to premiere in July, promising to bring the gripping narrative of “Sky Castle” to a new audience while adapting to Japan’s unique educational context.

“You Are the Apple of My Eye,” starring Jung Jin-young (left) and Kim Da-hyun. PHOTO: ANN/THE KOREA HERALD SOURCE

One of the most successful Korean romance films, “Classic” (2003) will be remade into a Taiwanese film under the title “Our Destiny.”

“Classic,” which featured top actors Son Ye-jin, Cho Seung-woo and Zo In-sung in main lead roles, garnered nationwide popularity upon its release for its detailed portrayal of love, aided by legendary tracks such as “Me to You, You to Me” by Jatanpung.

The Taiwanese remake is on track to be released in 2025, having started shooting earlier this month.

Vanda Margraf, who starred in Taiwanese blockbuster “Ip Man 4: The Finale” (2019), takes on the lead role previously portrayed by Son.

Going the opposite way, Taiwanese romance “You Are the Apple of My Eye” (2011) is to be remade in Korea.

The Taiwanese film narrates the story of a group of close friends who develop a crush on a popular female student named Shen Jiayi.

K-pop idols take on starring roles, as Jung Jin-young from the Korean boy band B1A4 and Kim Da-hyun from Twice portray Jin-woo and Seon-ah, respectively. Jin-woo is a mischievous prankster who gathers the courage to confess his feelings to Seon-ah, whom he has a crush on.

The Korean film, which also started shooting this month, has yet to set a release date.

“Secret” (2007), the highest-grossing Taiwanese film in South Korea after selling 170,000 tickets nationwide in 2008, is also set for a local adaptation.

The original film narrates the story of a piano prodigy who encounters a mysterious girl after transferring to a prestigious music school.

The Korean version, titled “Secret: Untold Melody,” will star Doh Kyung-soo of EXO as the male lead and Won Jin-a as the female lead, narrating the stories that unfold as Doh’s character, a musically gifted student, encounters the character portrayed by Won at university.

Directed by Seo Yoo-min, who made her directorial debut with the thriller “Recalled” (2021), “Secret: Untold Melody” is to be released in the later this year.