Civil servants undergo health screening

The Ministry of Defence (MinDef), in collaboration with the Health Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health and Gleneagles JPMC, conducted a health screening as part of a Workplace and Health (WAH) programme for civil servants at the MinDef, at the Medical Reception Station (MRS), Bolkiah Garrison.

The WAH programme is a public-private partnership (PPP) aimed at encouraging the workplace to provide an environment that supports employees to be more active, eat healthy, be smoke-free and have good mental well-being. It aims to strengthen the Workplace Health Promotion Programme (WHPP) in all ministries by the end of 2021.

The programme includes several components, such as screening sessions and physical health monitoring, specifically blood pressure monitoring and body mass index (BMI) and free weekly group workouts organised by appointed fitness vendors.

An overview of the event at Medical Reception Station, Bolkiah Garrison. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE