Cigarettes hidden inside spare tyre seized

James Kon

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) foiled an attempt to smuggle contraband including cigarettes hidden inside a spare tyre during a check on a vehicle near Negalang Ering Muslim cemetery, Jalan Labu, Temburong on Saturday.

Bangar Police Station personnel stopped a vehicle at around 11am during a crime prevention patrol at the vicinity of the cemetery, according to the the RBPF.

Police personnel found a number of suspicious-looking boxes believed to contain contraband and undeclared items in the vehicle’s bonnet and rear seats.

The contraband found included cigarettes, several bottles of alcohol, dubious chicken wings, electronic items, medicine, vehicle spare parts, food, clothing and Astro equipment.

Two detained suspects were a male driver, permanent resident aged 40, and a local female aged 36.

The suspects and the vehicle with the contraband were brought to the Bangar Police Station. The case was handed over to the Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED) for investigations.

The RBPF seeks public cooperation in combatting smuggling activities by providing information to 993 or nearby police station.

Cigarettes found inside a spare tyre.
ABOVE & BELOW: The vehicle with the contraband; and the contraband and undeclared items seized by police. PHOTOS: RBPF