Chinese martial arts group members meet Wu Chun

James Kon

As part of the Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism event, 50 members of Chinese Kung Fu performance group met with Wu Chun recently.

The Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism event was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and aimed at boosting cultural and tourism exchange between China and Brunei.

The group, founded in 1988, is China’s first cultural group that performed in the Royal Theatre of England, the Vienna Golden Hall of Austria and the New York Broadway of the USA.

Wu Chun said, “Martial arts is a passion of mine. Most of my films were martial arts inspired and it taught me discipline and focus.”

Deputy Director/Assistant General Trainer of the group Chen Junjie said the meeting was an opportunity for the members to see their idol in person. He also invited Wu Chun and his family to visit Shaolin Temple in China.

Members of Chinese Kung Fu Performance group in a group photo with Wu Chun. PHOTO: JAMES KON