Chinese bamboo flute concert ‘ear opener’ for New Yorkers

NEW YORK (Xinhua) – A Chinese Dizi or bamboo flute concert at Binghamton University (BU), the top-ranking public university in New York, has turned out to be an “ear opener” for local music lovers.

Visiting Chinese professor Yuxiao Chen shared with the audience a myriad of timbres of Dizi, one of China’s oldest and well-known musical instruments, at the event, co-sponsored by BU’s Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera (CICO) on Thursday at the university’s Casadesus Recital Hall.

The young Chinese bamboo flutist was accompanied by pianist Margaret Reitz, flutist Jeanne Sperber, and cellist Zachary Sweet in the musical fusion of the East and the West.

“Real ear opener! The concert was fascinating. My wife played Western flute (with) the company of Chinese flute. We never get into the Chinese music here like this before,” said David Sperber, a resident of Vestal, New York.

“A whole different idea of melody of tonality of timber. The richness in the instrument reflected the traditional culture of the music and form. Everything is fascinating and we have a wonderful time,” said Sperber.

“The event is incredible. You guys touched my heart. It reminds me of a lot of memories,” said Koji, who is from Japan and now lives in New York City. “It gives me a passion that I want to play instrument. Because I have stopped playing instrument for a long time. It makes me want to start again!”

Graig Fayerabend, a resident of Binghamton, New York, particularly liked the group piece when the cello, piano, guzheng, drum and bamboo flute were played together during the concert.

“I thought it was really special the way they mixed together musically. I have never heard anything like this. In that piece of music, I thought flute was representing life. The sound of flute was just like thriving and surviving. The cello was as smooth as wind. The piano like running water. The guzheng was like rain passing in the storm,” said Fayerabend.

CICO, a non-profit organisation jointly established by BU and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, is well-known for its promotion of Chinese opera and music, performing arts and culture on college campuses and in communities in the United States.