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Cheers for return of river cruise

Lyna Mohamad

It was a fun-filled day for Haji Mohammad Isa bin Haji Marsidi’s family as they finally got to go on a Brunei River cruise after their original plans were postponed due to the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak.

Haji Mohammad Isa said their initial plans was for a river cruise on August 8 but the trip was delayed due to the outbreak that began a day earlier and the cruise operator had to postpone all excursions.

During the highly anticipated tour, Haji Mohammad Isa’s family of 78 was divided into two groups because the ship can accommodate only 45 passengers per trip due to the 75 per cent capacity limit.

Haji Mohammad Isa said, “One group boarded the morning cruise and another in the afternoon.

“Seeing them all filled with joy during the cruise was beautiful. The trip gave them a holiday retreat and stress relief during the current travel restrictions because of the pandemic.”

Haji Mohammad Isa bin Haji Marsidi’s family in a group photo during the afternoon cruise. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD
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