Charity drive brings hearty donations to Ulu Tutong residents

|     Izah Azahari     |

THE Tutong District 4WD Vehicle Association together with the Pajero Sport Brunei Club held a charity drive to visit residents in the Ulu Tutong area on Sunday.

A total of 12 4WD vehicles comprising 30 members participated in the charity drive.

President of the Tutong District 4WD Vehicle Association Sha’ari bin Haji Zunaidi led the delegation. Village Head of Kampong Benutan Haji Noralimin bin Sulong was also present.

Aimed at providing aid to those in need, especially in the remote areas, the annual project this year focussed on villages in the Ulu Tutong area such as Kampong Biong Bang Dalam, Kampong Benutan, Kampong Belaban and Kampong Supon.

Among the items donated were a wheelchair to an Iban woman along with staple food and daily necessities for the elderly, new Muslim converts and the less fortunate families.

The donations were collected from the Tutong District 4WD Vehicle Association and Pajero Sport Brunei Club members.

Following the handover of the items, the delegation took pictures at the gate of the Tutong Golden Jubilee Dam and enjoyed lunch with the residents of Kampong Belabau, Ulu Tutong.

The delegation in a group photo with one of the recipients and her family during the charity drive at Ulu Tutong. – NORMAZLINA MD