Chance to win shopping vouchers

Lyna Mohamad

NBT (Brunei) Sdn Bhd customers stand a chance to win shopping vouchers worth up to BND2,000 at the Toyota Wigo campaign promotion held from October 19 – December 19.

The promotion is aimed at thanking customers for their support. Dubbed the Wigo Bonanza, the campaign is held in collaboration with Insurans Islam TAIB where customers are entitled to win shopping vouchers with every purchase of a Toyota Wigo.

A reliable and convenient car, the Toyota Wigo is worth looking into as it is the ultimate combination of stylish and practicality for daily drive, incorporating local lifestyle, food
and culture.

Cili Padas-Padas represents Wigo’s striking new look, Nasi Hari-Hari – the perfect daily drive partner, Pais: Panas-Panas symbolises Wigo quality at its best and Kopi Kaw Kaw stands for the vehicle’s amazing performance.

The new Wigo also features a compact exterior refreshing to the eyes and value for money with its performance.

The 1.0L three Cylinder In-Line 12 Valves DOHC Engine offers long drives with fuel-efficiency as the engine is equipped with electronic fuel injection delivering practical performance under a compact hood.

The new Toyota Wigo. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD