Challenges pave way for success

Lyna Mohammad

Following Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah’s (ITQSHHB) recent 8th Hafl Al-Takharruj (Convocation Ceremony) for the ‘Aaliyah Qira’at Diploma programme, graduates were grateful for their achievements.

Expressing gratitude to Allah the Almighty, Mumtaz (Excellent) recipient Amal Aqilah binti Ali, 22, said her efforts, Doa and parents were the main contributors for her excellence.

The ‘Aliyah Qira’at Diploma graduate also expressed appreciation to her teachers, friends and family members for their support. She also shared her parents encouraged her to study Al-Quran.

On the challenges she faced, she said memorising the 30 chapters of Al-Quran was difficult.

Mumtaz recipient Rasyidah binti Mohammad Harisi, 20, said she was only 12 when she enrolled in the institute.  “I had difficulty in adapting to the environment when I started. But gradually I enjoyed the lifestyle. I am excited and sad to leave this institute.”

Rasyidah binti Mohammad Harisi in a group photo during the 8th Hafl Al-Takharruj. PHOTOS: MUIZ MATDANI

Photos above show Mohd Ali Ilmam bin Haji Sujono and Nur Syafiqah Hasyirrah binti Haji Awang Ismail with their family members

Rasyidah had taken a part-time job teaching Al-Quran before her graduation. She also participated in several volunteering activities.

She shared that her mother is her role model and always reminded her to pray and Tawakkal when her confidence wavers.

Mumtaz recipient Mohd Ali Ilmam bin Haji Sujono said he is satisfied with his performance.

Alhamdulillah, we finished our diploma before the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. It’s a blessing that we don’t have to postpone our studies,” he said. Mohd Ali Ilmam also said living in a dorm taught him discipline and to be independent.

Mumtaz recipient Fatin Izzati binti Hilmi shared it was difficult when she enrolled, but with lecturers’ guidance, she got throughwith ease.

She hopes to inspire youth to love Al-Quran by understanding the holy book and following its teachings. “I aim to be a dedicated Huffaz. I hope to contribute to the country by becoming an educator to teach Qira’at,” Fatin Izzati said.

Jayyid Jiddan (Very good) recipient Nur Syafiqah Hasyirrah binti Haji Awang Ismail, attributed her achievements to her efforts, Doa and support from her parents.

Now an undergraduate at Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA), Nur Syafiqah said informing the public on the importance of reciting Al-Quran and its benefits will encourage youth to enrol in ITQSHHB.

To qualify to become a Huffaz, Nur Syafiqah share one needs to revise Al-Quran consistently and seek guidance from lecturers to check on the memorisation and Hafazan.

Jayyid Jiddan recipient Muhammad Khairul Nazmi bin Haji Juni, 20, said he is grateful to graduate.

He said time management was his weak point and was able to succeed with advice from his lecturers.

Muhammad Khairul was also thankful for family members’ support and reminders to never neglect his prayers and to seek blessings through Doa.

Meanwhile, Jayyid (Good) graduate recipient Abdul Haziq Syarafuddin bin Abdul Habib recommended the institute to the public and expressed gratitude for graduating with his friends.

On the benefits of his studies, he said, “Learning keeps my mind engaged. It helps me gain new experiences.”