Centenarian attributes long life to healthy diet

James Kon

Hajah Norhani binti Abdullah, who yesterday celebrated her 100th birthday with family, has attributed her longevity to a healthy diet.

As one of the oldest people in the country, Hajah Norhani said, “My secret to long life is that I don’t eat a lot of beef or chicken. I prefer ample fruits and vegetables in my diet.”

She also drinks plenty of water, though every morning, “I like to enjoy a strong cup of coffee before switching to tea in the afternoon”, she added.

On reaching the centenarian milestone, Hajah Norhani said, “I’m happy to be able to celebrate my birthday in the presence of my family.”

Age has not kept her from maintaining an active lifestyle.

“I go to the tamu (market) with my grandson every week,” she said. “But I have some discomfort on my right leg, so I can’t venture too far these days.”

On her downtime, Hajah Norhani said she enjoys catching the latest Korean drama shows on TV.

ABOVE & BELOW: Hajah Norhani binti Abdullah cuts a birthday cake to mark her 100th birthday; and Hajah Norhani celebrates her milestone birthday with family members. PHOTOS: JAMES KON